Thursday, January 9, 2014

The more things change.....

Heh - we're only 9 days into 2014 and guess who's just now penning her 'resolving to change' list?  Or, you could say we're already 9 days in and guess who's finally getting around to it.  It's a glass half empty/half full sort of thing:)

Actually, I'm posting now but I've been working on the whole concept in earnest for about a month.  I don't usually even bother but there are also usually a good deal of things I wish were different and haven't yet changed so, clearly, some effort will need to be made.  I'm loving all of the ideas that are floating around pertaining to the year upon us.  Miriam Felton has kept us captivated with her 'year of making' in 2013 and that wave is growing and you'll find the #yearofmaking posts on Instagram and Twitter to prove it.  I love the idea, the inspiration, and the commitment.  And David at Southern Cross Fibre is hosting a Spin 365 spin along on Ravelry - with the goal being that you set a goal of how much you'll spin a day/week/etc and work to maintain it.  Spinners are firing up our mojo and the posts of beautiful pics of yarn are streaming in.  The concept of remembering to spin/knit/make for ourselves as well as all of those lucky souls we usually make for seems to be popular.  Our own Enchanted Knoll group is hosting the MINE! along in ravelry - where you are encouraged to spin, knit, weave, or make whatever you love JUST FOR YOU!

Which brings me to my own  personal goals for 2014:
 Organization - Chaos is no longer comfortable for me so I'm weeding out clutter in my home, disorganization on my website, and other parking places like my Ravelry stash and projects page.  It's almost embarassing how much I've already thrown out or tidied up and there's lots left to do.

Making a life - Keeping the making fun and not letting it fall by the wayside due to the hectic pace of that ritual called a normal day-to-day life.

42 - Yep, that's my number this year.  I've been catapulting back and forth for years in terms of health, fitness, etc.  My biggest excuse when I'm on the downhill slide of the catapult is that I don't have time to keep up with my physical fitness routines.  This year, I'm vowing to MAKE 42 minutes each day to take care of me.  Yesterday, it was the haircut I hadn't kept up with for over 4 months, this morning it was 42 minutes on the treadmill.  Everyday, no excuses.  42 minutes.

Branching Out - I'm vowing to learn something new each month of this calendar year.  A new knitting/spinning technique, a new craft, or, perhaps, how to maneuver the rivers in my area with Thing 3 and the canoe he won in a school drawing.  Exploring - changing, evolving and growing.  At least 1 new to me skill or task a month.

So, that's it - we'll see how this goes.  So far, I've got the 42 thing, I'm making and spinning right along with all of the alongs, I'm taking baby steps at organization, and I'm branching out.  What are you doing with your year?

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