Sunday, July 21, 2013

5 Things About A New Start....

I wouldn't even know where to start this post. But, the beauty of that is that it is the first post - so simple, sweet, and a fresh start will be better than fumbling through floods of explanations:

 1. It's been almost 2 years since I've been tending a blog - 3 if you count the last year being spotty at best. Some fires you just can't rekindle. Sometimes, it's best to start with new materials, refined skills, and a fresh perpsective.

2. Spammers suck really bad. They take advantage of your blog when your life is in great tumult and change and, once they stick their teeth in you, it is virtually impossible to get them to let go. I have released the old Farm-Witch blog on the 'other hosting' site to said parasites. Go and enjoy yourselves - that domain is dead and that ground is infertile, the joy of it being permanently sucked away by those who like to take a creative outlet and turn it into the epitome of unkind behavior. If you subscribe to that old feed, I am sorry for all of the spam. I tried, I really did. Please delete that feed and re-subscribe to this blog.

 3. There are times when you walk away from something for good reasons, but find your way back to it when it has obviously changed for the better. I'm glad to be back with Blogger. I'm comfortable, here. And, to write this blog properly, that is essential.

 4. Sometimes, a ripple makes long lasting vibrations, but, sometimes a large splash has long lasting ripples. Life has changed a lot for my family in the last few years - leaving the farm, saying goodbye to sheep after 14 years as a shepherd, and watching my kiddos grow into beautiful adults who value their privacy and need me to respect that, in spite of my writings. It was hard not to just give in to the change and silence myself entirely. I needed the splashing to stop, time to enjoy the peaceful letting go of the ripples, and find my own feet before returning to a public forum where I can share MY creative endeavors, wacky living, and tangled times with you without infringing on the privacy of these human WIPs that I'm finishing up:)

5. In the mess of chaos, there is total simplistic clarity. All of those changes, while not so fun in the process, have made life much simpler, and in doing so, reminded me of why this blog came about in the first place - a place to share the art, the love of all things yarny - and a few recipes, peeks into crafting a homemade life. So, this I promise you - this will be the last time I come to you apologizing about the length of time between posts. We'll simply pick up, move on, and sink our teeth into serious yarn love.
How about we start tomorrow? With some Tour de Fleece sharing and a whole lotta looking forward? I'll make coffee and cookies for us, too. Would I be me if I didn't give you at least a little yarn love in this post? Think of this lot of beehives as my captcha to prove this really is me - LOL.

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